Can’t lose fat? These 2 diseases might be the reason why!

We all would like to succeed and be able to make all our dreams come true. It is great to dream but the problem is that these dreams never seem to come true. Lots of people have this dream to achieve a lean and sexy body, but making this dream a reality is often impossible. Why is that? Well, there are 2 diseases that stop you and everyone else from achieving long-term and permanent results.

The “something for nothing” disease

Lots of individuals contract this dangerous and highly infectious disease and it is especially rampant in the western world. The people who are in the most danger of contracting this disease, are people who believe that they can put in less and get back more. People like that want all the rewards without really putting in the necessary effort. As one of the world’s best motivational speakers put it: “They want to go through the revolving door of life on someone else’s push.”

The “quick fix” disease

The second very common and also very infections mental disorder is the quick fix disease. This disease is contracted by individuals who always search for a quick fix to achieve their goals and solve their problems. These people search for instant cures which solve their problems in an instant, that might have taken months or years to achieve otherwise. These people also want to acquire skills that take lots of time and hard work to master

Of course one should not confuse these diseases with the positive traits of constantly trying to get better and finding more efficient ways to achieve goals. The people who suffer from these diseases want to achieve success and achieve goals faster than possible, without putting in any effort. These is a big difference between being lazy and between being efficient!

The weight loss crowd that suffer from the something for nothing disease often believe that they should get twice the results in just half the time. What they hope for is fitnes,s without actually exercising, losing weight without dieting and achieving ideal health while, drinking and eating anything they desire.

The weight loss crowd that has the quick fix disease just want to take some kind of a magic pill, go to bed, and wake up fit and lean. They are on a never-ending search for finding shortcuts to fitness and weight loss goals that ideally take months and even years to achieve.

The numerous individuals who have this quick fix disease are easy pray for the latest “diet pill,” fat burning creams and “get six-pack abs with a 4-minute workout.” It is easy for these people to spend their hard-earned money on “miracle solutions” impulsively, of which they really known nothing about.

The most unfortunate things is that they waste many years trying to find some holy grail of health or weight loss, when in fact they could achieve their goals by a little bit of more persistence and a better work ethic.

Such people, who suffer from such diseases, are in violation of the basic laws of the almighty universe: sowing and reaping, cause and effect, action and reaction. It is the same as believing that you have magical powers to defy gravity and fly like a bird. The truth is that you can’t defy gravity, just as you can not defy the cause and effect.

So not only will you totally and utterly fail in your quest for a leaner you, by catching these diseases, but by searching for these shortcuts and quick fixes you will make yourself weaker.

But if you set yourself powerful and worthy goals for something you really want and try to reach these goals through determination, discipline and diligence, then hard work will strengthen you as a person. You will change yourself and achieve much more than just a leaner you.

One of the main purpose of setting challenging and worthy goals, is not necessarily to possess the goal itself, but becoming a better and stronger person by going through the pain and suffering of achieving that goal. If you really want to get something for nothing then you might actually get it, but in that process you haven’t become anything. It is much better to earn a million dollars through hard work than it is to win it with a lottery.

In most cases people don’t get what they want bu rather what they deserve. If you really have the desire to reach your ideal weight and get into better health, if you really want achievement and success, then you need to set goals to can make it happen and get going. It might take you an awful long time to get there but eventually you will get there and if you do, you will be a better person because of it.

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